What We Offer

Search our library of ready-to-use models. Leverage our fully trained and optimized models, along with sample starter code, to fast track your projects down the machine learning road in minutes instead of months. No PhD required. Anyone can do it.

Implementing AI models from scratch is hard, time-consuming, and technically specialized. You would not code your own image cache from scratch, so why are you building your own models? Hosted server-based solutions introduce cost, latency, connectivity, and privacy issues. Our ready-to-go models have been created and optimized for running locally on iOS and Android and integrate in a few lines of code.

Let us take the complexity out of machine learning so you can focus on building amazing mobile solutions that leverage the power of AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you support?

We currently offer models for iOS via CoreML, which requires iOS 11.  We plan to add Tensorflow models for older iOS versions as well as Android.


What are the benefits of a cloud-free solution?

There are many SaS cloud providers that offer AI functionality (Amazon, Google, etc). We firmly believe that running AI locally at the edge offers numerous benefits over running AI on the cloud:

  • Low cost. No quotas. No limits. No variable expenses that scale up as your usage increases.
  • Low latency. You do not have to worry about network bandwidth or congestion or your user’s data plan limits.
  • No external dependencies. No worries about that 3rd party solution going offline or shutting down.
  • Airplane mode. Your app, that you designed to degrade gracefully in low or even no connectivity environments, still works the same.
  • Privacy. Your data is your data. We never see how you are using the models.
  • Stability. You control any changes to fit your business requirements. You have full control to push updates on your schedule.

When will you have a model that does <insert latest AI research paper>?

Creating high performance AI models on mobile is hard work! We have an initial set of models in our roadmap, but we would love to hear your feedback on what kinds of models are useful to the community.

How quickly can I get a model?

There will be a download link after you complete the checkout process, as well as a link in your order confirmation email. You can also easily review your complete order history and downloads from your accounts page.

Can you do custom deep learning models and other mobile development projects?

Yes, we are available for hire. We would be glad to have a conversation about your needs. Contact us to discuss your products and plans for machine learning on mobile.

Feedback, bug, or an unanswered question?

Email us at info@mlmodelzoo.com


Peter Lee – Founder

After receiving a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University, I worked for Microsoft, then founded a number of startups in e-commerce, search, travel, and digital media. I have been active in mobile development since the launch of the first iPhone and have worked on mobile apps from prototypes to Fortune 500 deployments. Currently, I am focused on deep learning solutions for mobile platforms.